Baby Steps: To Have Kids or Not Have Kids, That is the Question

Laura Carroll, pronatalismLast year a lovely woman named Mara Altman contacted me and asked if I would be willing to talk with her about my book, The Baby Matrix. She is a freelance writer, and has published best-selling Kindle Singles. Read more →

Looking for Nonfiction Book Reviewers!

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue BooksI receive lots of requests to review author’s nonfiction books, and/or to be added to the LiveTrue Collection. I have a backlog and need reviewers! You get the by line and cash. Here are just three books I have in my queue: Read more →

Would the Solution to Overpopulation in Inferno by Dan Brown Really Work?

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue BooksI recently made the acquaintance of population expert Kurt Dahl.  He has written an interesting essay about Dan Brown’s book, Inferno. While a novel, it deals with the very real issue of overpopulation. In the book Brown has an “antagonist execute a specific solution to the overpopulation problem, but what Dahl wanted to know was if anyone had done a critical analysis this solution – in reality, would it work? Here is his essay and what he found out. Read more →

Rockin the Life Unexpected by Jody Day

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue BooksI’m working on my 2014 reading list! Since the release of my book Families of Two over a decade ago, I have talked with thousands of childfree people. I have also talked with many others who are in the midst of the parenthood decision, and those who are childless – those who want children but do not have them. The reasons they are childless are many, from infertility to not having a partner to co-parent. Whatever the reason, being childless can bring great pain. This is where Jody Day’s book, Rockin the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life Without Children, comes in.

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