The Parenthood Decision: Two Books Standing the Test of Time

The LiveTrue book collection comprises some of the best nonfiction books that relate to living a life that’s true to oneself, others and our world.  One big area of living true involves the biggest decision we will make – whether to become parents. There are a good  number of books out there that help people make […]

A Journalist’s 5 Month Debate on the Parenthood Decision

Sharon Pian Chan of recently wrote a piece on how she and her husband arrived at their decision not to have children.  Like so many childfree couples, they took the parenthood decision seriously. In her piece, she asks a number of questions that deserve elaboration…

The Parenthood Decision

This book is an unsentimental, clear-eyed guide to deciding whether you want to become a parent.  Author Beverly Engel prompts her readers to evaluate not only their desire to have children, but their readiness, willingness, and ability to raise them.

At the Heart of the Childfree Decision

With the rise in articles and posts about being childfree these days, I especially appreciate those that give good summaries of the childfree decision. Take the recent post, “Why Many Millennials Have Decided To Be Childfree (And That’s Okay)” by Liz Greene on

No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood

No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood by writer/actress/director/producer Henriette Mantel is an engaging collection of essays by her and 36 women writer friends who don’t have children. The honest and forthright stories by baby boomer women…

What Is One Single Decision to Reaching Long-term Financial Goals? The Childfree Life

Nadia Taha wrote an excellent essay recently in the “Your Money” section of the The New York Times.  She is in her late 20s, and she and her husband are like many couples – they want to buy a house, have savings, and comfortable retirement years. They’ve decided they don’t want children. Why? They see […]

Pronatalism’s Influence on the Motherhood Decision

In The Baby Matrix, I talk about about how pronatalism is all around us.  Here’s an example that has to do with a woman who is struggling with her uncertainly about becoming a mother. In an article by Nina Jacinto, “Loving So Much It Hurts: Why I’m Not Sure I Can Be a Mom” here […]

Do I Want to Be A Mom? A Woman’s Guide to the Decision of a Lifetime

As a strong advocate for taking the parenthod decision seriously, I can say this book is a compassionate guide for women confronting the parenthood decision. Authors Diane Dell, a board-certified ob/gyn doctor and psychiatrist, and Suzan Erem, an award-winning journalist, are mindful of the many different paths women take to this decision,