Review of Believe It, You Know an Atheist

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue BooksBy Adam Pober

J. David Core sets out to write a book to fill a specific niche: a guide for the religious to understand the atheist in their lives. His book, Believe It, You Know an Atheist, does an admirable job with a difficult subject. Most current positive books on atheism aim to offer personal stories of support to atheists or debate points to strengthen their position. This book is intended to be handed over to a believer. Read more →

The Different Faces of Editing

Laura Carroll, editorial servicesEditing means going through a document and catching and correcting errors, right? Wrong.

Editor extraordinaire Renni Brown (she has been editing for 50 years) does a great breakdown of the three different kinds of editing:  Read more →

Overpopulation: Check out this Excellent Documentary in the Making

Laura Carroll, The Baby MatrixI recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the upcoming documentary by Anchored Minds Productions: Sense & Sustainability. Written and directed by Michael and Amanda Connolly, this is going to be one great film about overpopulation. Here is the synopsis: Read more →

Baby Steps: To Have Kids or Not Have Kids, That is the Question

Laura Carroll, pronatalismLast year a lovely woman named Mara Altman contacted me and asked if I would be willing to talk with her about my book, The Baby Matrix. She is a freelance writer, and has published best-selling Kindle Singles. One of them, Thanks for Coming, “follows her on an adventure to find her orgasm,” was translated into three languages and was optioned by HBO. She was on the fence about having kids, and was researching the parenthood decision for her next Kindle Single. Read more →