25 Over 10: A Childfree Longitudinal Study

~ “You’ll Change Your Mind” ~
Of the many assumptions about those who make the childfree choice, people all too often think they will eventually change their minds and want children.
What’s the reality?

25 Over 10: A Childfree Longitudinal Study by Laura Carroll gives us the realities of twenty-five women over the course of ten years. 

As the first childfree longitudinal study, it started with a group of confidently childfree women in their twenties and annually tracked their childfree status and more. 

25 Over 10 also takes us into their lives and the experiences of being a childfree woman in society between the years 2010 and 2019.

In 25 Over 10, Laura Carroll summarizes the breadth and depth of the project’s findings, which make a unique contribution to the study of childfree women.

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