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Attitudes & Perceptions of the Childfree Choice in Textbooks

In the last decade, there has been interesting research examining attitudes and perceptions of the childfree based on how they are portrayed in educational environments. Researchers Laurie Chancey and Susan Dumais at Louisiana State University did a content analysis on college textbooks and were the first to look at how sociology textbooks portray the “voluntary childless” (this is the term most often used in the textbooks in this study). Here’s some scoop on the research: Continue reading “Attitudes & Perceptions of the Childfree Choice in Textbooks”

Making Motherhood a Choice in Brazil

There’s some good stuff happening in Brazil. A facebook follower recently posted a link about the first book out on the childless by choice topic. It is not available in English yet so I hear, but when it is I will let you know!

Another person who visits my families of two facebook page posted a recent story about an organization involved in changing “the embedded view in poor teenagers that suggests motherhood is a destination instead of a personal choice.” Vera Cordeiro, Founder and General Superintendent of Associação Saude Criança, gives detail:

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Flashback: Non-Parents Day in 1973

Thanks to a savvy source who located a New York Times archived article, I’ve found out how the National Organization for Non-Parents, or NON (which later become the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood, or NAOP) celebrated Non-Parents Day in 1973–and they did in style.  Continue reading “Flashback: Non-Parents Day in 1973”

Portrayal of the Childfree in Textbooks

There is a new bill in California, SB48, that seeks to include “gay and lesbian contributions to our history,”  and “adds religion and physical disability to the list of characteristics for which instructional materials must not ‘reflect adversely’ – just as current law prohibits schools from making negative portrayals on the basis of race, gender or national origin.” This made me wonder: What about negative portrayals on the basis of reproductive choice– Continue reading “Portrayal of the Childfree in Textbooks”

Teens and the Pursuit of Fame Through Pregnancy

An unsettling segment called “Mothers of Unplanned Consequences” was recently on abc.

The media is doing quite a pronatalist number on young women, and the young moms are the ones who end up paying quite the price.

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Does the Pill Cause Abortion?

You may already know this, but it was news to me.  The video, 28 Days on the Pill, outlines how the pill works to  “usually” prevent ovulation, and thicken cervical mucus to make it harder for sperm to reach the egg (if ovulation has occurred). According to the Christian producers of this film, the third way the pill works has been less talked about and can cause “embryonic abortion.” How? Continue reading “Does the Pill Cause Abortion?”

Childfree Celebs Part II: Young Mothers and the Media

I was just in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (pictured) for several days. At the local market you see many women running the produce, poultry and meat stalls. There and just walking the streets—all over—you see so many young women who are already mothers, some already with more than one child. Now I know this is not an uncommon sight. The culture is different, and more women there get married and begin having babies much earlier than young women here. But is that so? Continue reading “Childfree Celebs Part II: Young Mothers and the Media”