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Trailblazers of a Post-Pronatal Society

I recently had the pleasure of coming in contact with the head of the St. Louis Chapter of the National Organization for Non-Parents, a non-profit organization I’ve touted here before that existed in the 70s-early 80s. She has given me a lot more background on the organization’s great work. In The Baby Matrix, I examine the origins of pronatalism, its negative effects on society today, and discuss why it’s time to move to a post-pronatal society. The more we learn about the people behind NON, the more we see that they were trailblazing this mission. Continue reading “Trailblazers of a Post-Pronatal Society”

New National Science Foundation Rules Include the Childfree?

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to the new rules put out by the National Science Foundation that are designed to make it easier for scientists – “especially women – to balance work and family.”

Continue reading “New National Science Foundation Rules Include the Childfree?”

Does Being an Aunt Beat Being a Mother?

My niece sent me a link to the New York article by single-no-kids Kate Bolick, “Let’s Hear It For Aunthood.” Bolick makes some interesting points, starting with-because nearly 1 in 5 American women in her early 40s does not have children and that more women are marrying and having children later, if at all, “they have more time to… Continue reading “Does Being an Aunt Beat Being a Mother?”

The Age of First Motherhood is Rising, But Why at 50+?

I think the better question is, Why is the “baby-having drive” of some people at midlife so strong?  Part of the answer is related to a quote early in the article; 54 year old John says to 47 year old Ann: “You have the body of a young girl. You need a baby.” First, a few numbers… Continue reading “The Age of First Motherhood is Rising, But Why at 50+?”

Trending: Saying No To Marriage

The National Marriage Project, which conducts research on marriage and family in the United States, has a new report out on divorce, cohabitation and marriage. When it comes to living together, the research found that in the last 40 years… Continue reading “Trending: Saying No To Marriage”

Getting Real About Regret

As the childfree know, we can often get flack from parents who are convinced we will eventually regret our decision not to have kids.  In talking with thousands of childfree in the last 10+ years, I can say that… Continue reading “Getting Real About Regret”

A Tough Way to Realize You Are Childfree

The childfree know that there are lots of ways we come to this decision. Many of us know early in life, and many come to the decision over time for a variety of reasons. But a recent comment by a guy on boingboing reminded of a reason we don’t hear about as much. The decision, or realization even, can come by way of miscarriage. Some couples have to admit a sense of relief.  As the boingboing  commenter says, “as horrible as this sounds, we weren’t as sad as we should’ve been.” It may be taboo to admit, but … Continue reading “A Tough Way to Realize You Are Childfree”

Becoming a Mother: How Old is Too Old?

Recent breakthroughs in egg-freezing technology may be a game changer for age-related infertility.  As a woman profiled in a recent Vogue article on the topic says, “oocyte cryopreservation” is freeing her from the “tyranny of the expiration date” of being able to have children.

How does it work? What are the pros? What issues does it raise? Check it out. Continue reading “Becoming a Mother: How Old is Too Old?”

Caplan and I Go Another Round on WSJ

Well, Bryan Caplan responded to my piece,“With Kids, Easier Doesn’t Make It Right,” which is in response to his, “Twin Lessons: Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them.”  See what you think. asked me to go another round and respond to the response. Check it out! There is also a summary of the debate including views by Will Wilkinson of The Economist. Bravo to all who have commented so far…Inclined to weigh in and comment? Do it! I’ll say it again, this is a great opportunity to productively speak out to inform and educate~