baby fever

Taking a Deeper Look at “Baby Fever”

Seeing the piece, “Baby Fever in Your 20s? Here’s What Experts Say That Means” sparked my interest in looking into research on what’s referred to as “baby fever.” Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Taking a Deeper Look at “Baby Fever””

Reframing Role of Motherhood

From Sacrifice to Privilege: Reframing the Role of Motherhood

The title of the recent opinion piece in the New York Times Sunday Review, “Motherhood Isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness” sure caught my eye. Was Karen Rinaldi going to get into pronatalism? Sort of… Continue reading “From Sacrifice to Privilege: Reframing the Role of Motherhood”

motherhood regret

Pronatalism’s Impact on Motherhood Regret

A recent article in the Life/Parent section of The Toronto Star took on a topic we’ve been seeing more of these days: motherhood regret. This article, “Mothers not alone in regret over having children” speaks to one of the most central pronatalist myths that all too often drives women to have children. Continue reading “Pronatalism’s Impact on Motherhood Regret”

female assumption

Taking on Pronatalist Myths: Author Moms Who Get It

Melanie Holmes has a new book out titled, The Female Assumption: A Mother’s Story: Freeing Women From the View that Motherhood is a Mandate. Like author Madelyn Cain, the author of The Childless Revolution, Melanie is a mother. While not using the word pronatalism directly, Holmes discusses common pronatalist assumptions, including what I call in The Baby Matrix the Destiny, Normality and Fulfillment assumptions in particular. She stresses how pronatalist assumptions are just that – assumptions, and why it is time for paradigm shifts. Continue reading “Taking on Pronatalist Myths: Author Moms Who Get It”

Laura Carroll, The Baby Matrix

Overpopulation: Check out this Excellent Documentary in the Making

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the upcoming documentary by Anchored Minds Productions: Sense & Sustainability. Written and directed by Michael and Amanda Connolly, this is going to be one great film about overpopulation. Here is the synopsis: Continue reading “Overpopulation: Check out this Excellent Documentary in the Making”

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue Books

New Book Looks at Modern Day Parenthood

In 2010, New York Magazine writer Jennifer Senior’s feature article, “All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting” created quite the buzz. Now hot off the press is her book, All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.  In her recent interview with NPR’s Terri Gross, she talks about how our society came to idolize its children.

Continue reading “New Book Looks at Modern Day Parenthood”

The Parenthood Decision: Two Books Standing the Test of Time

Parenthood DecisionThe LiveTrue book collection comprises some of the best nonfiction books that relate to living a life that’s true to oneself, others and our world.  One big area of living true involves the biggest decision we will make – whether to become parents. There are a good  number of books out there that help people make the best decision for themselves in this regard, but there are two that continue to stand the test of time. Continue reading “The Parenthood Decision: Two Books Standing the Test of Time”

pronatalism, susan josephs

Musings on the Play, The Interview

Families of Two & Beyond Facebook page follower Sharon Goldman turned me on to a new play running this month in LA called The Interview. Coincidentally, I was going to be in LA mid-October, and when I read this about the play, I sought out playwright Susan Josephs for a Q&A, and decided to go: Continue reading “Musings on the Play, The Interview”

pronatalism, susan josephs

Playwright Susan Josephs Talks About Her New Play, The Interview

When you learn the story line of The Interview, a new play running in LA this month, you will know why it immediately interested me! It deals with what I call the pronatalist Right to Reproduce Assumption in my book, The Baby Matrix. Check out my interview with the playwright, Susan Josephs: Continue reading “Playwright Susan Josephs Talks About Her New Play, The Interview”