Today, on International Childfree Day, the sponsors would like to announce the 2013 Childfree Man & Woman of the Year!  Thanks to all who sent in great nominations for this award.  Here are the winners:

Jen Thorpe-MosconChildfree Woman of the Year: Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon  

Jennifer lives in Brooklyn, New York, and as her nominator wrote, “She embodies the best of the childfree  – she’s independent, passionate, loyal to her loved ones, and freedom-loving.”

She’s used that freedom to do great things.  Jennifer received her Ph.D. from NYU in social psychology, and works as Research Director at Catalyst, a nonprofit that works to expand opportunities for women and business. She wrote the book, How Geek Girls Will Rule the World, which is designed to inspire women to not be held back by patriarchal notions of what women should do with their lives and follow “their geeky dreams, whether it be computer programming or writing hard science fiction.”

“Jen has done so much to further the cause of the childfree, both in her personal circles and far more broadly.” She has stood up for her childfree lifestyle in the face of disapproving family members.  She’s an active member of online childfree communities. At work, she has “publicly advocated for workplace flextime to be available to the childfree in equman 2013al measure as parents.” In her community, “she has been actively involved in local politics and activism,” including advocating on reproductive choice issues.

Jennifer’s only begun to do truly remarkable things –for the childfree, her community and society – thank you!

Théophile de GiraudChildfree  Man of the Year: Théophile de Giraud

Théophile de Giraud is a writer from Belgium. He has no children by choice for “personal, ecological and philosophical reasons,” and has done much to expose, educate and contribute to the acceptance of the childfree choice.

Theophile has organized some bold events to educate people on childfree, pronatalist and population related issues. In 2012, one such event was on the streets of Paris, and sparked discussion and debate with the public.

With his childfree cohorts, Theophile has also put on events to bring together and celebrate the childfree, including “Non-Parents Feasts.” One of these Feasts was held at “one of the most delicious bars of Brussels,” and featured French author Corinne Maier, who wrote 40 Good Reasons Not to Have Children, and Magenta Baribeau, who has produced the documentary, Mom? No Thank You!

Théophile has also written on topics that challenge pronatalism, including a black humor book against the “the cult of procreation,” called Manifeste Anti-nataliste (which to date is only available in French).

He also has childfree Facebook groups to give “the childfree the opportunity to meet each other and express themselves.”

Many thanks to Theophile, for putting his creative self into action in the world to promote the acceptance of the childfree choice!


And many thanks to ALL of the wonderful nominees who’ve been part of this first International Childfree Day!

Here’s to the first International Childfree Day, and Year One of an annual, formal recognition of amazing childfree people and their lives!

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