I hear from lots of parents who resonate with  The Baby Matrix.   This parent’s review captures what many say: Shifting My Paradigm

“I am a mother raising two boys and I grew up with most of the parenting assumptions that this books addresses. The world population is a subject our family speaks about, since we are concerned about how our world can handle the 7 billion we’ve got  much less the almost 3 billion more projected by 2050. That’s the macrocosm, the author of The Baby Matrix mostly addresses the microcosm of choice and the ‘pronatalism’ assumptions many of us (myself included) unconsciously absorb and live by. ”

“Assumptions like how we are destined to pro-create; will be adept at parenting; will find our ultimate fulfillment through children; and ultimately raise these children to want to take care of us when we’re elderly.

This highly informative and evolved book questions these and many more assumptions and offers interesting alternative options that need to be part of the local, national and international conversation. There are concrete facts throughout this well researched book as well as suggestions on how to examine the question of parenting and if it is the best personal choice, debunking the myth that it is “selfish” not to have children. Because I already chose my path to become a parent, I wasn’t sure how I would benefit from this read, however I see now the importance of it. Now I can become a more conscious world citizen and mother, no longer thoughtlessly proliferating some of these pronatal assumptions like “When you’re a father someday…”, or “I can’t wait to have grandchildren one day!”, etc.

After reading this paradigm shifting book, I am beginning to catch myself in my verbal messages and am becoming more thoughtful and open-minded. I wish “The Baby Matrix” could be made available in every high school in America so that a thoughtful conversation would get started before it’s too late for this next generation. I love being a parent, but it certainly isn’t for everyone, and I applaud those out there who find other ways to fulfill their destinies. I highly recommend this book for any age or stage.”

Gotta love it!

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