Earlier this year parentdish did a piece on a childfree/parent contested topic: if you don’t have kids can you give parents advice?

Well, out of the blocks I have to say that I operate from the principle on advice in general–don’t give it unless it’s asked for!

But when it comes to parent advice, what did the parentdish survey report?  Out of about 29,000 voters… When asked: Should childless people give parents advice?

 41% said: No. They don’t understand what is like to be a parent.
34% said: Maybe, but only if they have spent a lot of time with children.
25% said: Yes, people without kids have an objective viewpoint.

Since the survey was on parentdish I have to assume that most respondents were parents.

I wonder how the percentages would differ if only the childfree were asked the question.

If I was asked this question I would say Yes! Why? Because I was once a kid myself. I had parents. I have had a parent/child experience–one that can’t get any closer to home.

My parent friends have generally not asked me for advice. That is not to say that they don’t talk to  me about their kids, and challenges they are having with them. They do.

And sometimes a lot.

I have dear friends with whom I have talked at length with, especially when their kids are in their teens.  I was there for them as a friend, listened, let them vent, and helped them come to their own decision on how to handle certain situations with their kids.

Also as their friend, they have come to me because I know them, their buttons, etc. and can help them see where “their” issue might be in the challenge they are having with their kid.

So rather than advice giving, I see it as being there as a friend, who is having an issue with their role as parent.  Not being a parent does not mean I can’t be there for my friend who happens to be one…

Childfree, what do you think?  What has been your experience?

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