2048 Humanity’s Agreement to Live Together

The nightly news abounds with instances of the “international community,” but too often falls short when it comes to enforcing human rights around the globe. Until I was introduced to this book,  like many people, I did not realize that in 1948 the countries of the world agreed to a Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Unfortunately, the UDHR is only a declaration, and thus unenforceable in courts of law.

This moving book tells us about the 2048 Project–a movement to make the fundamental rights in the Declaration fully enforceable in time for its 100th anniversary. Author J. Kirk Boyd tells the story of how the UDHR came to be written, highlights the five basic freedoms at its core, and lays out a plan of action that people can participate in, which like me, you’ll be inspired to do! As part of the collection of books on global and social issues, this is one that must turn into action for human rights justice in the world.

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