Childfree and Loving It!

Former BBC journalist Nicki Defago has written a supportive book that will reassure those who have chosen a childfree life, and provide those who are contemplating it with a way of thinking through the pros and cons. In her conversations with other childfree adults, she finds a range of motivation and experience. Defago supplements her interviews with research about overpopulation, and surveys about the perception and reality of life without children.

Though she affirms the validity of the choice, she does not view the childfree life through rose-colored glasses. She acknowledges the difficulties that forgoing parenthood can bring, and discusses the “childfree stigmas“, such as the way childfree women often feel compelled to prove they still like kids. In Childfree and Loving It! women contemplating a childfree life or those who have already made this choice will find good company and food for thought.

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