Crossroads by P Robertson

Review by Michael Coviello

The book, Crossroads, is short with only sixty-eight pages. Author P Robertson writes a story of fiction, but it represents the challenges childfree women face to stay true and committed to their values and decision to live a life without children.

Izzy is married to her husband, Luke. They have been a couple for nine years, married for five and decided early on they were not going to have kids. However, Luke had second thoughts and discusses his desire to have a baby with Izzy while they are watching a movie on date night. Izzy was shocked by Luke’s wish to have a baby and becomes defiant in not wanting one.  Luke ends up leaving and staying with friends leaving Izzy distraught.

As the rest of the story progresses, Izzy questions whether her desire not to have children is the right one. Internal conflict erupts within her.

Many couples have the discussion whether or not to children. One half of the couple may want to and the other half may not want to. The disagreement will cause tension within the relationship. The half that doesn’t want to have children will certainly be the most conflicted and not know where to turn.

Fortunately for Izzy, she gets insight and support from her friend, Laura, who is also childfree. Having a solid support network is important for the childfree to remain devoted to their life choices and know they are not alone.  The childfree community has gained acceptance and momentum, but more work remains. By knowing such a community exists and available to support one another, then the childfree can thrive.

For a childfree person, male or female, not wanting kids is just as personal as someone who wants them. Life has to be lived on your terms and not anyone else’s. Not having fear to be your authentic self is the key.

Crossroads is a fine read to understand the thoughts, feelings, and dreams of a childfree woman. The reader will feel Izzy’s passion and cheer for her.


Thank you, Michael!

Michael Coviello is a paralegal specializing in trusts and estates, corporate law and real estate law in New Windsor, New York. He is an aspiring writer with many interests including history, law and the childfree movement.

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