Do I Want to Be A Mom? A Woman’s Guide to the Decision of a Lifetime

As a strong advocate for taking the parenthod decision seriously, I can say this book is a compassionate guide for women confronting the parenthood decision. Authors Diane Dell, a board-certified ob/gyn doctor and psychiatrist, and Suzan Erem, an award-winning journalist, are mindful of the many different paths women take to this decision, and step by step, they outline the relevant considerations, from the physical and psychological to the effect on one’s relationship and career and finances. The book covers a full spectrum of issues and scenarios, from the costs of fertility treatments, to adoption, to deciding not to become a parent. Do I Want to be a Mom? is grounded in hundreds of interviews with women from all walks of life.  As part of the collection on parenthood books, this one comes before those about how to raise children once you have them; this one is for those who are trying to decide whether or not they want to embark on the journey to begin with–critical!

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