Evolution for Everyone

In a recent Harris Poll, 54% of U.S. adults expressed skepticism about evolution, up from 46% in 1994. Evolution has also  become a hot-button issue out there in the “culture wars.”  Author David Sloan Wilson does a great job in defusing the evolution vs. creationism divide. He opens his book with two “tall claims” about evolution: “that it can become uncontroversial…, and that evolution and religion… can be brought harmoniously together.”

Wilson shakes the dust off a discipline often associated with dinosaurs, fossils and apes, and locates it squarely in the world around us right now.  He tackles subjects as diverse as the seemingly inherent need of humans to gossip and the fact that most animals have floppy ears, and ties it all into basic principles of evolution.  Part of LiveTrue’s collection of spirituality books,  Evolution for Everyone  will give you a clear look at how we got to where we are on evolutionary and religious creationism fronts.

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