Get Energized & Heal with the Book, The Best Things You Can Eat

the best foods you can eat

The more research that is done on illness, the more we discover what a powerful role food plays in our health. From the increasing availability of organic food to better ingredient labeling (e.g., whether a product is GMO, gluten free, low sodium), we are seeing a growing interest in understanding our food. As a society, we are becoming more aware of how foods make up the building blocks of our bodies and increasingly careful about what we put in our mouths.

The compact food guide, The Best Things You Can Eat: For Everything from Aches to Zzzz, the Definitive Guide to the Nutrition-Packed Foods that Energize, Heal, and Help You Look Great, helps us make smart choices.

Impressively researched, this book merges the latest science in nutrition with practical information for the everyday consumer with the intent to make it simple to know which foods to choose. It addresses the gamut of vitamins, minerals, fats and fiber, and gives the top seven food sources and best food group categories for each.

Not only does The Best Things You Can Eat lay out which foods have the most nutritional density, it recommends the top foods for different medical conditions people face. It identifies the ideal foods to eat for health challenges such as high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and other chronic illnesses. For example, artichokes lower cholesterol and act as one of the greatest sources of soluble fiber, which helps battle liver cancer. With more knowledge of how foods support our health, you’ll learn how many medications can be eliminated, or avoided in the first place. The book also breaks down foods for addressing conditions like bad breath, slowing down aging, curing aches and pains, beating colds and the flu. Charts highlight what foods will do certain things along with tips and tidbits of information – some of which may be quite surprising.

Author David Grotto has a terrific humorous personality, which makes the book educational and entertaining. He informs you of the seriousness of food choices without being preachy, and helps you become excited about the health and wellness that comes from knowing what foods work best for our bodies and the conditions we may be experiencing.

The information in this book is boiled down into a handy resource that’s both simple to navigate and easy to carry. I plan to keep it with me as I shop at the grocery store so I can refer to it when making food selections.

I recommend this book to anyone who eats! If we all took the information in this book to heart, both figuratively and literally, the resulting health and happiness would be transformational.


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