Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

As someone who knows first hand that there are dozens of books out there on this topic, I can say this one deserves a close look. Drawing on the latest research in social psychology—and on three years of “undercover” work at used car lots, fundraising organizations, and other real-life situations of persuasion—the author isolates six core principles of influence.

Robert Cialdini demonstrates how to responsibly use each principle, with an emphasis on ethics and reciprocity. Just as important, he follows this up with a look at how we can resist the unethical and manipulative use of those same principles. In the face of what he calls the “compliance professionals” that abound in today’s world, he shows us how to just say no. Influence has proven to be a great psychology book particularly with business leaders, but holds valuable lessons for all of us on communication, influence and persuasion.

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