Living Green: A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability

The operative words, practical and simple best describe the spirit of this book. Terms like “global warming” make the environmental crisis seem so huge and sprawling that many well-intentioned folks don’t know where to begin to make a change in their own lives.

That”s where green entrepreneur Greg Horn steps in. Living Green focuses on readily attainable goals. For example, because the idea of “going organic” might overwhelm some, Horn lists the 10 foods where you should start. The fight is personal for Horn, who developed what is called “sick building syndrome,” a heightened sensitivity to many of the substances used in the modern home. And throughout the book he provides compelling research into the hidden hazards of our modern lifestyles. A consciousness of “cause and effect between our lifestyles – even our diets – and the planet’s health,” he writes, “is the driving force behind the sustainability movement.”

The book and his website work together to help people with tangible steps to create a more sustainable lifestyle.  An excellent addition to a living green books collection.

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