No Way Baby

No Way Baby adds to the the growing number of books about not having children by choice that seeks to make this choice more understood.  Author Karen Foster’s lively narrative includes insights and stories of 50+ childfree men and women.

As a childfree writer whose nose has been into just about every book on this topic,  the approach Foster takes that is different than other works I’ve seen out there–She organizes her chapters by the objections childfree get, such as: So you don’t like kids? Why are you so selfish? But I want grandchildren!, and proceeds to debunk them all.

Foster joins the cadre of childfree authors who want to put out there the real picture of the childfree life, and all the positives that come with it.  In her way she too makes the case that it is time to stop “obligatory procreation” and not only recognize that “childfree adults make a valuable contribution to society”, but accept that the choice not to have kids is just as legitimate as the choice to have them.

A definite addition to a childfree book collection, and a great book to pass on to those who could use more understanding of this choice and who’d appreciate an informed yet informal, spirited tone.

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