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I get a lot of requests for reviews of books that fit into the growing LiveTrue Collection, and especially love having the chance to recognize nice works by young writers.  Here is one such chance!

Rula I. Abdo is one already-wise 25 year old. Her book, Quotes in Polkadots: The Words I Kept in Mind to Change My Life is a unique collection of inspirational quotes about life.

Each is like a life lesson in a nugget, and the 170 of them are broken into five sweet sections: Time to Move On, Stay Strong, The Things That Matter, On The Bright Side, and What Dreams Are Made Of.

Here’s a little teaser from these sections:

“It’s not a new day until you hold nothing of yesterday’s regrets with you.”

“The size of your thoughts is multiplied by the number of minutes you keep them in your head. Multiply carefully.”

“Don’t lose your unique self trying to be a copy of someone else’s.”

“Be yourself. You never know whose life you can change just by being you.”

“Don’t fear getting lost in what you love. Sometimes, it’s the only way to find yourself.”

Quotes in Polkadots inspires, indeed, can foster just the self-reflection you might need, and can be that gentle nudge to help you in challenging times. Have it around or give as a gift in the spirit of living true.

Rula describes herself as a hobbyist writer. Well, Rula, I say keep living your life fully to bring readers life lesson nuggets, and most of all, keep writing!


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