Sisters: The Lives of America’s Suffragists

Want to know the powerhouses women getting the right to vote? This is the book. Author Jean Baker takes us into the lives and the fight these women waged for women’s civil rights:  Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard, and Alice Paul.

Unlike other books about these suffragist leaders, you’ll learn about the public and political lives of these women, but their personal lives as well, and how their personal histories influenced their ardent beliefs and willingness to go to the political mat for them.  Not just for history buffs, Sisters doesn’t read like a history book or text book but more as a collection of riveting stories about these amazing women.

It is part of the cadre of not to be missed books on social issues, and is for all women to understand the women who made many things possible for women of their time, and what exactly we take advantage of today.  These women were not only the backbone behind achieving a constitutional amendment prohibiting gender based restrictions on voting, but won other fundamental rights for women, including women’s property rights, reproductive rights, abuse, marriage, and litigate.  Be prepared to be inspired by these ever bold models for social and political change.

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