A Special Sisterhood: 100 Fascinating Women From History Who Never Had Children, by Me! With Illustrator Nataliia Tonyeva

I am thrilled to announce my latest book, A Special A Special Sisterhood: 100 Fascinating Women From History Who Never Had Children!

Unlike my past books, this one is designed for a young adult audience (and up) and has illustrations by a talented illustrator, Nataliia Tonyeva, who is from Ukraine.

About A Special Sisterhood

Women form sisterhood bonds in many special ways—as sisters, friends, or linked by a common interest, passion, or life experience. As women, one of the biggest is motherhood.

But as we know, not all women become mothers. What is not as known? 

Going back in history to today, there are more women than you might think who have lived lives that don’t include motherhood. Countless in fact. We make up a sisterhood that is bonded by not doing something women are historically supposed to do. For some, it is by choice, others not. And for many, many women, and amazing ones at that, their lives have just unfolded such that becoming mothers has not been a part of it.

Designed for young adults (and up), A Special Sisterhood: 100 Fascinating Women From History Who Never Had Children gives engaging snapshots and illustrations of women in this sisterhood from the around the world going as far back as 350 AD. Rather than focus on why they did not have children, A Special Sisterhood focuses on the lives they lived. From Women Warriors, High Powered Political Leaders, to Social Changers, Medical Pioneers and more, their stories will inspire you to learn more about them, and find even more women who are alive today carrying on this sisterhood connection.

To young women (and men) out there, A Special Sisterhood gives you a taste of the unlimited and exciting ways life has been fully and remarkably lived by an ever-growing collective of women.

In addition to enjoying themselves, A Special Sisterhood is a fun educational gift for adults to give to the young adults in their lives as examples of the many ways to lead a life that is uniquely one’s own!

Available in paperback and e-book on Amazon and Itunes Books

Read the e-book on any device with Kindle app and Kindle Cloud Reader for laptop/desktop browser

The regular paperback price is a bit spendy, but it is currently at a discounted price. It prints at the highest quality, which is critical for the 100 illustrations in this book!

Either version is a perfect holiday stocking stuffer! 



  1. Melanie Holmes

    Wow, this is great! Congrats Laura! Bought …and it’s on my “next to read” stack. 💖☮️

    • Laura

      Thank you!


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