The Baby Boon: How Family-Friendly America Cheats the Childless

With every election we get inundated with catch phrases like “the next generation” and “for the children.” While such sentiment may produce positive results at the polls, author Elinor Burkett contends it has produced a set of public policy issues that unfairly favor parents over those without children.

Her sharply polemical book takes direct aim at what she calls a “culture of parental privilege.” From tax credits and childcare benefits, to flextime and parental leave, a slew of benefits accruing to parents have become standard in the American workplace—the burden of paying for them falling disproportionately on those who have chosen not to have children. Burkett takes special objection to the fact that many of these benefits seem especially tailored to the upper-middle class.

Conversely, the burden falling on those with no children takes no account of how modest their means might be.  Burkett makes a convincing case that, given the growing number who choose not to have children, a reassessment is in order—one that would, for example, allow childless workers flexibility in electing for alternative, substitute benefits.

The Baby Boon is one of the few that takes on policies that are unfair to those living the childfree life. It’s a definite read for childfree men and women, childless, and anyone interested in fair public policy.

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