The Good Men Project: Real Stories From the Front Lines of Modern Manhood

I learned of this great book after being interviewed by Ted Cox for an article on childfree guys . This book has ignited a topic that has not been talked about enough in the nonfiction world–what men think “manhood” means in today’s society. In this great nonfiction book, entrepreneurs Tom Matlack, James Houghton, and Larry Bean have put together over thirty essays by a wide range of men that have received lots of attention along with the accompanying video.

From the website of the same name:  the essays are by guys–“rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, urban, rural, famous, ordinary—all writing about the challenges, obstacles, triumphs, failures, and defining moments they encounter.”  There needs to be more men’ studies books out there like The Good Men Project for men of all ages that brings up close and personal to men and women what it  means to be a man in America today.

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