The New Economy of Nature: The Quest to Make Conservation Profitable

This title grabbed me; what are ways for business to do right by the world and make a profit? Now that would get us somewhere. Leading ecologist Gretchen Daily and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Katherine Ellison team up to offer a glimpse at an emerging “new economy” that radically redefines the “bottom line.”

In The New Economy of Nature the authors survey progressive efforts from around the globe—from New York City’s investment in wetlands preservation in the Catskills, to an ecological preservation program in CostaRica funded by orange juice companies. Environmentalism is doomed to failure, the authors argue, if it relies on philanthropy and altruism. A new way of doing business –of measuring costs and benefits–must be built from the ground up, and Daily and Ellison’s book documents some workable models for making that happen. A must read in LiveTrue’s living green and social issues collection of great nonfiction books.

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