The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Based on case studies and extensive research at author John Gottman’s own Institute, this book moves beyond common-sense platitudes about marriage to an approach based on solid scientific principles. Gottman is one of the best marriage experts out there. He is a Doctor of Psychiatry who has received four Research Scientist Awards from the National Institute of Mental Health.

He has developed a five-minute test for predicting the success of a marriage–yes, only a five minute test.  It does something you would not expect–it analyzes small changes in facial expression, something that is also featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink.

In this book, Gottman identifies the emotional reactions that are most destructive to marriage, and lays out positive principles that can help a marriage survive.  It has insightful quizzes, checklists and exercises, debunks myths and offers a unique synthesis of science and soul.  It’s in the LiveTrue collection for all of these reasons, and because it is a marriage book that will stand the test of time when it comes to success in relationships.

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