The War on Choice

Written when author Gloria Feldt  was President of Planned Parenthood, this book is a stirring political call to arms for women to defend their eroding reproductive rights. Feldt incisively chronicles the tactics of anti-choice activists—such as their coining of terms like “partial birth abortion” (a term with no scientific or medical basis) to sway public opinion.

Feldt doesn’t apologize for preaching to the choir, and the War on Choice is upfront about its agenda: understand the opposition, and mobilize against them. Feldt is highly specific in her calls to action, and points out that while abortion is the hot-button issue, the “choice” at stake also includes access to effective contraception and accurate medical information, as well as the right not to have children.  An easy thumbs up nonfiction book review–way up. It is one of the strongest books out there on the pro-choice issue.

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