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The Childfree Wife

Shani Orgad, Associate Professor in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has a recent interesting piece on Titled “’Wifehood’ is not old-fashioned–here’s why it matters,” she discusses what wifehood means in today’s marriages, but focuses on the marital context that includes motherhood.  What is ‘wifehood’ or the role of ‘wife’ in a childfree marriage? From interviews for Families of Two and qualitative data on heterosexual childfree married couples I’ve continued to collect since its publication, here’s the broad stroke of three that stand out. Continue reading “The Childfree Wife”

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On the Childfree Marriage in Voluntary & Involuntary Childlessness: The Joys of Otherhood?

I am happy to have contributed the chapter, “The Intentionally Childless Marriage,” to the just released book, Voluntary and Involuntary Childlessness: The Joys of Otherhood? (2018) published by Emerald Publishing in the UK. Continue reading “On the Childfree Marriage in Voluntary & Involuntary Childlessness: The Joys of Otherhood?”


Yes, the Childfree Can Be Maternal

I love how in recent years as Mother’s Day approaches we’ve been seeing more writings that question the maternal instinct. As one example, take the National Geographic article that just came out titled, “Is Maternal Instinct Only for Moms? Here’s the Science,” by Sarah Gibbens. I’d like to discuss a couple of related questions but without an assumption of instinct. Why? Continue reading “Yes, the Childfree Can Be Maternal”

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Vicki Larson & I Talk Childfree “Gray Divorce”

As Vicki Larson, author of The New “I Do”, was reading Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s Late Love: Mating in Maturity, she noticed that when the author talks about her “gray divorce” – her divorce after 22 years of marriage, “one thing kept coming up” as a good time to start anew. Her children had left home or were about to, and “she talks as if that’s the scenario for all 50-somethings.” Continue reading “Vicki Larson & I Talk Childfree “Gray Divorce””


Celebrating ChildFreedom on the Fourth of July

On the fourth of July, the United States celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which to date, happened 241 years ago. Two days before, on July 2, 1776, the Congress for the thirteen colonies voted to declare freedom from British rule. And freedom remains a deeply held value to Americans today. In America and around the world, many  childfree people greatly value the experience of freedom as well.

Continue reading “Celebrating ChildFreedom on the Fourth of July”

Valentine's Day

The Year 2000 & Now: Reasons Why People Decide to be Childfree

I was pleased to recently see an interview study conducted by sociologist Amy Blackstone and Mahala Dyer Stewart. Amy and I have worked together on International Childfree Day and have been involved with the NotMom Summit. She and Dyer Stewart interviewed 21 women and 10 men on the reasons they chose not to have children. What they learned is similar to what I found from interviewing childfree couples for my book, Families of Two. Continue reading “The Year 2000 & Now: Reasons Why People Decide to be Childfree”

What Is One Single Decision to Reaching Long-term Financial Goals? The Childfree Life

Nadia Taha wrote an excellent essay recently in the “Your Money” section of the The New York Times.  She is in her late 20s, and she and her husband are like many couples – they want to buy a house, have savings, and comfortable retirement years. They’ve decided they don’t want children. Why? They see it as the “single decision” that can best help them… Continue reading “What Is One Single Decision to Reaching Long-term Financial Goals? The Childfree Life”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

What to Expect When You’ll Never Be Expecting

The October issue of Women’s Health Magazine has an article by Carrie Anton that takes a clever angle on what to expect from others in reaction to the childfree choice.  It’s titled, “What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting.” I’d say to aptly reflect being childfree it should be… Continue reading “What to Expect When You’ll Never Be Expecting”

Cringe-worthy Things to Say to the Childfree

In my interview for an article in womansday on what not to say to the childfree, writer Charlotte Lavala asked me about “cringe-worthy” things women can say to their childfree woman friends. I gave her a boatload of ideas, and a couple landed in the article.Here is more of what I told her: Continue reading “Cringe-worthy Things to Say to the Childfree”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Back to the Debate on Who’s Happiest – Parents or Non-Parents

Here we go again. An article on, “Parents are happier than non-parents, studies suggest” talks about two new studies that involve data from thousands of adults around the globe.  Here is what researcher Chris Herbst of Arizona State University says is undeniable about the findings… Continue reading “Back to the Debate on Who’s Happiest – Parents or Non-Parents”