At this time of year, people without children by choice can come up against inaccurate assumptions others make about them. Many people can assume that this growing segment of the population tends not to celebrate Christmas because they don’t have kids.

No Kids, Less Likely to Celebrate Christmas? Not.

Why would the childfree not celebrate Christmas? Some think it is because we don’t have to do the Santa thing and all that surrounds it.

However, this assumption says more about those doing the assuming—that Christmas to them may be more about the present giving than the true meaning of Christmas. This idea leads to the second assumption.

The more popular assumption about the childfree at Christmas is that we are more likely not to celebrate Christmas because we are not a religious bunch to begin with. Like many of the myths about the childfree, this stereotype does not reflect the truth. While some trend studies on the demographics of people without children by choice indicate we tend to be less religious, when you talk to the childfree on the ground, you’ll find this is often not the case.Christmas

There are many childfree with all kinds of religious affiliations. I have met and interviewed many who describe themselves as Christian, and practice a Christian faith. Many are active in their churches. Just like other folks, many celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus. The fact that they don’t have children of their own does not affect their desire to celebrate this holiday.

They give gifts to their loved ones, children and not. Many spoil their nieces, nephews, godchildren, and other children they love. They have Christmas trees. They decorate their homes, have holiday parties, just like families with kids do. They celebrate it as a time of giving and helping those in need.

Just because the childfree do not want to be parents does not mean they are not religious or spiritual people. Thinking parenthood is optional may still buck a strong societal expectation, but it does not mean the childfree necessarily buck other common aspects of our culture, like being a Christian and celebrating all of the joys of the season.

Childfree out there, how do you celebrate Christmas?


*Updated from original, 2010


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