In the November edition in Harper’s Bazaar UK, Renee Zellweger is not only looking great on the cover but she speaks to not wanting kids in her interview.  She says that motherhood has never been an “ambition” for her.  Think about the use of the word “ambition” when it comes to having a baby. gives the definition of ambition as…

.. “an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction,” and the “willingness to strive for its attainment.”  Thinking about motherhood in this way makes it sound more like a goal we can have in life than a given. Now that is refreshing in a child-centric culture.

But an article summarizing the Zellweger interview on was not as refreshing. It says, “she’s one of the few who has declared that motherhood and babies are not a priority.”  Cool. But then it goes on to say, ” But then, it’s good enough that she’s honest, right? After all, not all women are cut out to be mothers.” Italics mine.

In there is the assumption that a woman chooses not to be a mother because she wouldn’t be a good mother.  Well, some childfree may feel this way, but there are plenty of others who think they could be good, even great mothers–they just don’t Want to be mothers.

Why can’t it just be written, “After all, not all women want to be mothers?”

When you see things written in the media like this –that use language to directly or indirectly cast a negative or inaccurate tone, pass on to me. I want to collect and post on this too.   More needs to be pointed out specifically how language is used consciously or unconsciously continue to put an inaccurate or negative light on women who don’t become mothers.

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