I’m on my way to Rio!  As I mentioned in my last vlog that reported back on the November On-the-Ground question on childfree travel, I got so many great travel stories that I decided to post some excerpts over the course of this month. Here’s excerpt #1:

“The childfree adventure that sticks out with the most was my recent trip to South Korea with a childfree friend of mine. Both of us are pretty firm in our decision and we often bond over that fact. Going to South Korea was partly childfree in the sense that it is a destination that not many families with children go to, as compared to the beach or an amusement park like Universal Studios in Florida…

We both liked that in South Korea (and in Japan where we made a brief pit-stop), the decision not to have children, albeit not accepted more per se in comparison to the United States, seems more commonplace…it’s more expected than shocking when you tell someone you don’t have kids. It seemed like almost everywhere we went in Seoul was a big No Kidding! zone.

Of course there were lots of kids everywhere, but it wasn’t so in your face like it is in the United States, or maybe we’ve just gotten better at going to places where they don’t congregate as much. Restaurants were quiet, bars were happening, and even the historical sights seemed so peaceful and non-disruptive.

It was especially nice meeting Koreans who are childfree and talking to us about their choice. It’s commonly assumed that people bond over the fact they have children as they get older, but we discovered it’s perfectly fine to bond over NOT having them.

But if I had to pick the greatest aspect of this childfree adventure, it is the fact I got to go on this adventure with two very special friends, one who is childfree and one who isn’t but supports our decision to be, this trip really affirmed to me what type of life I want to live, what career and course of study I want to take, and most importantly, the family I have created through these two close friends. Marriage and children is a wonderful choice for many, but for me, the bond I have with these two friends is just as valuable and life changing….”

Based on this person’s experience, I’d say South Korea should be on a childfree travel list, don’t you?

Anyone else been to South Korea–what was your experience?

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