Readers at Goodreads have their noses into The Baby Matrix. Here is an excerpt from Allizabeth Collins’ review. She used to review for HarperCollins…check it out!

…”Because of the pronatalism view, people like to assume that having a baby makes them a good parent, a happier person, and will lead to an old age where they are surrounded by doting, appreciative, and loving children; but that is certainly not true in all cases. I enjoy how The Baby Matrix questions these humanity-old practices and beliefs, allowing readers to get a real sense of reproductive responsibilities versus wants.

Laura Carroll has written a very well-researched and compelling book that makes readers reflect on what they have been brought up to believe – no matter whether they are single, married, or with/without children. I also liked her ideas on adopted vs. biological children, the 7 Post-Pronatal Assumptions, and parenting “licenses”. <for the record, I explore the idea of “parent qualification certification”, not “license”>

Appropriate cover art and nice formatting overall, I will be reading Laura Carroll’s Families of Two in the future. This book is definitely an eye-opener, and I will be passing the word along to friends and colleagues. Highly recommended to readers 15 and up; this would be a great book for teenagers and prospective parents.”

For the rest of her review go to Goodreads!

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