The post title describes Melissa Busch’s moving story. She reminds us of another option related to the parenthood decision. In her case, she decided to have her child but not provide the role of parent.  Like many who decide not to have children, Ms. Busch thought very hard about her decision to become a parent or not.  She ultimately decided that what she could give “emotionally, physically and financially”  was not enough to be the kind of parent she wanted to be.

Ms. Busch now has a 12 year old daughter, has a relationship with her and her adoptive family. In her piece, “Do You Have Children?” she talks about how she sometimes says “no” but sometimes braves the consequences if she answers the truth.  I say brave the truth every time! Her story is a such a reminder that pregnancy and parenthood are two separate things.

We need more stories out there like hers to break the common stereotypes around adoption and promote policies that include all options regarding pregnancy. Bravo for her work with Backline, an organization “dedicated to addressing the broad range of experiences and emotions surrounding pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion.

Do you have or know someone who made similar a choice?  Tell us the story~!

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