When I was researching The Baby Matrix, I interviewed David Paxson, President of World Population Balance. We talked about how we thought the book, Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife, was a great book on overpopulation. Originally written largely for conservationists, David and I really wanted to see the book reach a wider audience. We approached Dave Foreman about developing a 2nd edition to do just that. Today marks the fruit of our efforts!

On this project, I have had the honor of collaborating with Dave Foreman, one of North America’s leading conservationists and author of a number of books Working with Dave, as the editor I took the first edition’s material and made it for a larger readership. We want it to reach everyone from those in their reproductive years, to school principals, governors, Congresspersons, even every world leader!

Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World:
-Lays out how overpopulation is real and is a crisis – yes, crisis
-Smartly challenges those who don’t believe overpopulation is real
-Shows that overpopulation is solvable
-Gives tangible ways we can all be part of the solution

We want to get this book into the hands of all who care about the future of America and the planet so they will not only understand but accept the truths of overpopulation and population growth, and be stirred to take action.

I hope this is you! The book is now available in soft cover and eBook on Amazon, eBook on Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBooks, and eBook download right here on this site, in the LiveTrue Bookstore!

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