Great reviews for The Baby Matrix continue to come in! Here’s a few more. If you have read it, don’t be shy-share your reader review as well!

… “this was a fascinating book… As a woman in her mid-30’s who is still on the fence about motherhood, it was nice to hear analytical reasoning on the pros and cons, and not make it seem like motherhood should be an automatic, assumed path in life for all woman. This book isn’t “anti-baby” by any means, more like helping to open eyes and make informed decisions, which is a handy tool in any major life choice. Highly recommend!”

“This book was clear and coherent and presented in a factual way that would be a great discussion source for a college classroom … or in every couple’s house as they decide on their life decisions.”Bmx3color

“Laura Carroll sets up a clear thesis right away, and questions what we perceive as ‘normal. ’ The narrative is clear and engaging, and easy to follow along. The examples she provides along with the academic interpretations of social norms, was both enlightening and at the same time, comforting. It’s nice to read something that I’ve secretly wondered and thought about, but was never able to find anywhere in a form such as this book. Her ideas…clearly show the many cases that a woman’s value is determined by her ability to have children. And that being a good mother is the highest of all ideals. I like that this book not only questions this belief, but provides very rational arguments supporting it.”

“…The Baby Matrix helped me open my eyes. …while being a mom is right for me, it might not be for everyone, nor should we assume it should be. Not just for the individual, but for the whole world.”

Thank you!

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