Reporting Back: The February 2012 On-the-Ground Question

The February question was: How has being childfree had the most positive impacts on your life? What do you foresee as future positive impacts? Here’s what you said:

March is Women’s History Month.  So the March On-the-Ground question let’s focus on childfree women. The question is:

Who is your favorite childfree woman and why? She can be dead or alive, famous or not, someone you know personally, any childfree woman~

2 thoughts on “Reporting Back: The February 2012 On-the-Ground Question

  1. hi miss laura,hope you’re having a wonderful day,my favorite childfree women is oprah winfrey,she changed the world,and everyone have heard about her,and she is CHILDFREE !

    well i’m 16 year’s old(guy),i know some people will say i’m young to decide that i’m childfree,i knew that i don’t want children since i was 5 year’s old,i made an oath to myself to never have them,also i raised my 2 younger brother’s,and 2 sister’s,from the age of 5 until now,i never had the time to be a kid or a teen,it’s just one more year until i graduate from high school,and after that i will be a flight attendant,and leave the middle east(where i live),and i made this quote 2 day’s ago :

    i’m free,free by choice,free to explore the world,from the highest of heights ,to the deep of deepest of the earth,no one can take that freedom from me,come and join me in my journey,and let the adventure begin.”adel.A.adel”

    thank you so much,have a great day.

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