Reporting Back: The January 2012 On-the-Ground Question

The January On-the-Ground question was: If you knew as a child you’d grow up to be childfree, how did you know so early in life? Here’s what you said:

The February question is:  How has being childfree had the most positive impact on your life? What do you foresee as future positive impacts?

6 thoughts on “Reporting Back: The January 2012 On-the-Ground Question

  1. For me, the most positive impact being childfree has had on my life, is being free to better myself. I have time to go to the gym, pamper myself,sleep,get better education, read as much as I want, pursue my many hobbies, volunteer, etc. I would never have the time to better myself in this way if I had children. I foresee future positive impacts as pursuing a new caree as a Police Officer, travelling and helping needy animals. 🙂 Children just don’t fit into the picture.

  2. Definitely the freedom aspect. My husband and I make spontaneous decisions on a daily basis. It keeps our lives fun and fulfilling. There is never two days alike. As my aged mother is becoming more dependent on my sisters and I, I can see a few problems arising from this, and the decision of what to do with her. Everyone has their own opinion and a lot of this is based on what suits my sisters and inheritance. I take a step back and dread the moment when she is gone. In fact she has decided to live in her house till it falls apart rather than have us disagreeing over where she should live and what to do with her money. I will never have to worry about this and it is a blessing.

  3. I was browsing old posts on the CFL, and I just noticed that you post video summaries of the question of the month. No idea how I missed it.
    Seeing my answer featured in the video (even though it was anonymous) made me pretty excited.
    Please feel free to contact me if you ever decide to interview or collect data on early articulators- I would be more than happy to help.

  4. Ooops- just noticed that you do not care for Callan’s terminology.I was only familiar with the term “early articulators”, but now I kind of like CBO better than CBC,.
    Regardless of the nomenclature of choice: as a social scientist who works with data, I am always happy to be a data point if you need one.

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