Mardy Ireland, PhD, psychologist and author of Reconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood From Female Identity, reviews The Baby Matrix:

“In The Baby Matrix Laura Carroll articulately and systematically challenges the multiple conscious and unconscious assumptions that go into the insistent ‘pronatal’ view of our American culture. She details seven assumptions that make up this ongoing pronatal bias  and summarizes relevant research from the last twenty years thereby effectively drawing the reader in to actually ‘think’ about each assumption.

Describing seven post-pronatal assumptions she then brings the reader toward seeing a society in which every adult would have the psychological freedom to find her/his way to creating a fulfilling adult identity that would not by necessity include parenthood. She lays out a clear roadmap for those in childbearing years to think through their decision to be or not to be a parent and offers compelling reasons why in fact not every adult “should” become a parent.

This is a needed book for the twenty first century because we need to not only focus on individual and national identities, but, we must also begin to address the responsibilities we have as world citizens to our entire planet and its diminishing resources. Read this book.”

Thank you, Dr. Ireland!

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