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Submit a Professional Book Review to LiveTrue Books My ever expanding “LiveTrue Books” collection is always looking for additions.

Know of a book that belongs in the LiveTrue Collection? Please send the title and any links to me at [email protected]

Better yet, take your hand at writing a professional book review!

Here are the basics for writing a book review for the LiveTrue Collection:

1. Only write and submit nonfiction book reviews for books you can write an overall positive review. The Collection is comprised of books we think are great!

2. Include the book’s title and author, and why you think it’s right for the LiveTrue Collection.

3. Give a brief summary of what the book is about (including a bit about its chapter organization/book structure), but don’t give away too much of the content.

Instead of writing about the actual content, describe the content.  For example, instead of including the seven habits of highly effective people in the review, instead write something like: “Stephen Covey takes readers through seven powerful things professionals can practice to make them even more effective in their personal and professional lives.”

4. Speak to what you enjoyed the most about the book.

Use quotes from the book that particularly spoke to you to illustrate what you like most about the book.

5. Comment on the book weaknesses (which should be secondary to its strengths).

6. End on a high, positive note about reader takeaways from the book.

7. Try to keep it to about 600-700 words.

~Email Laura at [email protected] for more information~

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