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Vicki Larson & I Talk Childfree “Gray Divorce”

As Vicki Larson, author of The New “I Do”, was reading Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s Late Love: Mating in Maturity, she noticed that when the author talks about her “gray divorce” – her divorce after 22 years of marriage, “one thing kept coming up” as a good time to start anew. Her children had left home or were about to, and “she talks as if that’s the scenario for all 50-somethings.” Continue reading “Vicki Larson & I Talk Childfree “Gray Divorce””

Having No Children in Later Years: Highlights of Recent Research

As I discuss in The Baby Matrix, since the year 2000 more research has been conducted on those with no children than ever before. Studies have been conducted in many countries in a variety of areas. One area in which there has been a good deal of research involves one’s the elder years. Here are some interesting research highlights: Continue reading “Having No Children in Later Years: Highlights of Recent Research”

Are the ‘Childless’ Really More Likely to Divorce?

You may have seen more articles popping up lately on how “childless” couples are more likely to divorce.  How it’s treated as a “statistical reality”  needs to be challenged and clarified. Let’s start with some of the more “popular” data… Continue reading “Are the ‘Childless’ Really More Likely to Divorce?”

50% Divorce Stat Under Scrutiny

There’s different research out there regarding marriage with and without kids and divorce. Some studies have said that childfree marriages are happier, thus more likely to go the distance.  Others have indicated that marriages that include parenthood are more likely to last longer.  Overall though, kids or not, we seem to buy the notion that half of all marriages end in divorce.

A recent article, “Are Marriage Statistics Divorced from Reality?”by Belinda Luscombe discusses this stat as a myth .. Continue reading “50% Divorce Stat Under Scrutiny”

Laura Carroll, Childfree Choice

Childfree Couples or Parent Couples: Whose Happier?

I saw a great show on public television called “This Emotional Life.”  It is part of a three part series.  Last night’s part was called “Family, Friends and Lovers” and looks at the importance of relationships and why they are central to emotional well-being. Continue reading “Childfree Couples or Parent Couples: Whose Happier?”

Recession and Divorce Part II

Did you catch the CBS news piece on fewer divorces in America?  It claims that the “silver lining” of the recession is that divorce rates are at their lowest rate in 30 years.  Couples encounter money problems, begin fighting, more men at home and women the ones going to work all challenge the marriage.  But the story focuses on… Continue reading “Recession and Divorce Part II”

Can a Recession Actually Save Marriages?

Sociologist Philip Cohen doesn’t think the evidence is there. He challenges a part of a study by the National Marriage Project in his post on the Huffington Post, Is the Recession Really Saving Marriages?   Cohen thinks that the report, “The State of Our Unions 2009: Money and Marriage” goes too far… Continue reading “Can a Recession Actually Save Marriages?”