Writing Your Will When You Don’t Have Children

Over the years, childfree couples have contacted me for advice on writing their wills. I am no expert, but do have my own experience and know how many childfree people have created theirs. I recently saw the piece by Rebecca Chamaa on businessinsider.com, “My husband and I don’t have kids, so we asked ourselves 10 questions to decide who to include in our will,” which has a list of great questions to consider for those without kids. Let me briefly comment on them, and add a couple more of my own:

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What Is One Single Decision to Reaching Long-term Financial Goals? The Childfree Life

Nadia Taha wrote an excellent essay recently in the “Your Money” section of the The New York Times.  She is in her late 20s, and she and her husband are like many couples – they want to buy a house, have savings, and comfortable retirement years. They’ve decided they don’t want children. Why? They see it as the “single decision” that can best help them… Continue reading “What Is One Single Decision to Reaching Long-term Financial Goals? The Childfree Life”

Are the Childfree More Likely to be Left Out of Wills?

A recent Dear Abby I ran across, “Childless Grandchild Left Out of Will,” got me thinking about the childfree, wills and inheritance. Here are 3 reasons why the childfree might not make it into wills: Continue reading “Are the Childfree More Likely to be Left Out of Wills?”

The Real Deal on DINKs and Money

By now, most people have heard of the term “DINKs,” or “double income no kids.” The term started to be more commonly used about a decade ago. When it comes to the “income” part, couples with no kids don’t have all the expenses that come with raising kids, so they should have more disposable cash, right? Take a closer look…

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Reporting Back:January 2011 On-the-Ground Question

The January question: What childfree and related topics would you like to learn more about and discuss on this blog in 2011?

Check out what people said:

The February question:

Childfree dating: What stories and wisdom do you have about finding childfree people to date?

Who Should Pay More Taxes–Parents or Childfree?

The question whether those with no children should pay the same taxes as parents in our society can generate quite the debate.

Childfreedom recently did an interesting poll about whether the childfree should contribute to property and school taxes. Most said the childfree should contribute but not pay as much as households with children.  What do you think?

On the deficit channel, the bipartisan deficit panel has just recommended that the child tax credit be eliminated as part of cutting the huge U.S. deficit.  I say this should be the case, deficit or not.

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Italy’s Low Birthrates=Demographic Suicide?

On May 25th Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, archbishop of Genoa, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, addressed fellow Italian bishops at the 61st plenary assembly and called Italy’s declining birthrate  “slow demographic suicide.”   “Over 50% of families today are without children,” and according to the article on LifeSite news.com, Continue reading “Italy’s Low Birthrates=Demographic Suicide?”

Can a Recession Actually Save Marriages?

Sociologist Philip Cohen doesn’t think the evidence is there. He challenges a part of a study by the National Marriage Project in his post on the Huffington Post, Is the Recession Really Saving Marriages?   Cohen thinks that the report, “The State of Our Unions 2009: Money and Marriage” goes too far… Continue reading “Can a Recession Actually Save Marriages?”