Some research suggests that the childfree tend not to be religious people (I have seen lots who are however)–When it comes to the recent pedophilia scandal in the Catholic church I can see why..I’ve been an “ex-Catholic” for years.  Among many things this church teaches, I find troubling their long held positions that…

…the purpose of marriage is procreation and that using contraception is a sin.  While this religion is not for me and I respect those that choose to be of the Catholic faith, I have to ask–how can you stay in a church that has not only allowed pedophilia for years but kept an oath of secrecy about it? It has looked the other way for years as many children were (are?) abused e.g., 200 deaf boys.  Even Sinead O’Connor, a practicing Catholic, on Anderson 360 asks, “How can Catholic Leaders LIE?”

Journalist E.J. Dionne Jr. says what needs to be said in her editorial that recently appeared it the San Francisco Chronicle:

“..apologizing for their misbehavior of individual priests will never be enough. The church has been reluctant to speak plainly about the heart of its problem: In handling these cases, it put its institutional self-protection first….Benedict would go down as one of the greatest popes in history if he were willing to risk all in the name of institutional self-examination, painful but liberating public honesty and true contrition.”

The church needs to finally examine and handle the psychological problems priests prone to pedophilia have– what would make a priest violate a boy? It also needs to look hard at itself–how could it be more worried about law suits, its image, and protection of its leaders from public scandal at the expense of children..? When it does the opposite of what it teaches in one of the most disturbing ways possible, and continues to do so and hides it, I don’t see how anyone could say it’s church that they could be a part of.

In Ireland I have read the members have been stepping up and demanding the church take responsibility for this. Is this happening in the states? Catholics, childfree and not, let’s hear from you on your thoughts about this serious problem with this religious institution.

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