Here’s more on excerpts from people’s responses to last month’s On-the-Ground question on childfree travel. This one is pretty amazing:

“I lived out of a backpack off and on for about 8 years. I left home the first time at age 19, visited more than 50 countries on 5 continents and finally moved back to my home country at age 27. The best part of that entire experience was a massive trip that I took when I was 24-25. I traveled from London, England to Slovenia and Turkey by air. I spent the next 5 months traveling overland from Istanbul, Turkey to Cape Town, South Africa, going through the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa. The ruins of Ephesus and Petra. Scuba diving in the Red Sea and Lake Malawi. Safaris, gorilla treks and white water rafting. The Serengeti, Zanzibar – the Spice Island, and the deserts of Namibia! The tsunami of Dec 2004 hitting Tanzania and sweeping my tent away while I was still in it!!!

The next 2 months I traveled around South Africa and Swaziland. Wine tasting, mountain biking, surfing with dolphins! From there it was on to Singapore, but with a layover in Mauritius first. Tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. Too bad it was in the middle of a Class 4 cyclone while I was there A couple of weeks in Singapore was followed by a month in India. Food poisoning, temples, palaces and tigers. Quite the adventure!

From there it was back to South East Asia. A month in Thailand learning how to do Thai Massage and ride elephants. Kayaking the Mekong River through Laos, exploring the temples of Cambodia. Back to Thailand for a week of relaxation on Ko Tao, then across the peninsula to Ko Phi Phi to help with the tsunami recovery. Next on the agenda was a week in Bali, Indonesia before landing in Darwin, Australia. After a couple of weeks in the Northern Territory, I flew on to Sydney, then drove up the coast to Brisbane. There ended the massive trip of my lifetime. I spent the next two years living in Brisbane before finally moving back home.”

All I can say on this one is WOW! Got more stories from any of these places? Please share!

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