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The Baby Matrix“The Baby Matrix articulately and systematically challenges the multiple conscious and unconscious assumptions that go into the insistent ‘pronatal’ view of our American culture. Carroll details seven assumptions that make up this ongoing pronatal bias and summarizes relevant research from the last twenty years thereby effectively drawing the reader in to actually ‘think’ about each assumption.

Describing seven post-pronatal assumptions she then brings the reader toward seeing a society in which every adult would have the psychological freedom to find her/his way to creating a fulfilling adult identity that would not by necessity include parenthood. She lays out a clear roadmap for those in childbearing years to think through their decision to be or not to be a parent and offers compelling reasons why in fact not every adult ‘should’ become a parent.

This is a needed book for the twenty first century because we need to not only focus on individual and national identities, but, we must also begin to address the responsibilities we have as world citizens to our entire planet and its diminishing resources. Read this book.”

— Mardy S. Ireland, Ph.D., author of Reconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood From Female Identity

“The Baby Matrix isn’t a book about infertility — but it is one of the most helpful things I read while I was in my darkest moments. Carroll explores the myths and pressures behind pronatalism — the pervasive idea that everyone should have children — to make the argument that we’d all be better off if having kids were considered not an inevitability or a duty, but a vocation best suited for those who consider it a true calling. She debunks multiple misconceptions driving pronatalist attitudes, like the “biological clock” and the assumption that having children is the greatest source of human meaning and fulfillment. Reading The Baby Matrix as an infertile woman helped me distinguish what parts of my grief were from actually wanting to be a parent, and what parts were driven by social expectations and stigma around childlessness. And being able to define *why* I wanted children was ultimately empowering during a time I felt most helpless.” ~Alexandra Kimball, BuzzFeed Contributor

Carroll’s book is also for all of us, whether we are parents or not. Like no other book, it helps people become very aware of the social and cultural pressures surrounding parenthood, and paves the way to free themselves from those pressures when making parenthood choices. This will result in more people making the best parenthood decisions for themselves, will foster a society in which those who are best suited to become parents are the ones who have children, and one that knows what it means to bring a child into the world today.” ~Marcia Drut-Davis, author of Confessions of a Childfree Woman

What readers are saying…

“This book should be required reading for everyone thinking about having kids.”

“Laura Carroll beautifully and carefully uncovers the powerful and pervasive nature of pronatalism in culture in this highly accessible and very interesting book…It’s a fantastic read for anyone interested in seeing parenthood/non-parenthood from a refreshingly broad perspective and entering into this important decision with facts, intention, and purpose. Personally, I have never felt so excited, empowered, and validated by a book!”

“…I loved every single page of it… it’s quite scary how pronatalism affects our lives, how many people are still trapped in this baby matrix, and how its consequences are overlooked.”

“An eye-opener is an understatement!”

The Baby Matrix questions humanity-old practices and beliefs, allowing readers to get a real sense of reproductive responsibilities versus want.”

“…well-researched and compelling book that makes readers reflect on what they have been brought up to believe – no matter whether they are single, married, or with/without children.”

“Amazing book. Changed my life!”

“Laura Carroll did a great job defining pronatalism and why it is so ingrained within our society. Her book reshapes the myths and offers a new way of looking at parenthood and reproduction.”

“While challenging the assumptions of pronatalism that most people just take for granted as part of our society, this book offers valid and logical alternatives to the pronatalist mindset.”

It “by no means condemns parenthood, and in many ways offers us valuable insight on both choices, be it becoming a parent or remaining/making the choice not to become a parent.”

“She lays out a clear road map for those in childbearing years to think through their decision to be or not to be a parent…”

“I recommend this book for high school students, the childfree and parents alike.”

“This book will challenge some beliefs about the life script.”

“This is one of the must read books for anybody considering children, or aren’t. It is in my top 3 must read books.”

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