The question whether those with no children should pay the same taxes as parents in our society can generate quite the debate.

Childfreedom recently did an interesting poll about whether the childfree should contribute to property and school taxes. Most said the childfree should contribute but not pay as much as households with children.  What do you think?

On the deficit channel, the bipartisan deficit panel has just recommended that the child tax credit be eliminated as part of cutting the huge U.S. deficit.  I say this should be the case, deficit or not.

But in this article, some think the childfree should pay more taxes. Why? Because supposedly we can afford to pay more! That notion… generated some havoc …

…on my facebook page and even inspired someone to write her representative. Here is her letter:

123 Senator Way
Your City, Your State USA

Dear (Senator),

I know that in our state and in our country, funding for our government and government programs falls short of the existing need. Additionally, we are now beginning to face the sad environmental and social realities of human overpopulation – global warming, famine, disease, poverty, and violence. We cannot fail to acknowledge the large part we play, as citizens of the first world, in consumption of the world’s resources.

While I do not believe in forcible population control, I believe that it is irresponsible of our government to support population growth by offering tax incentives for people to have children. If anything, people should be taxed more for each additional child, as each child will potentially place greater strain on government funded social programs and on our planet.

Rescinding or reducing tax incentives for children would generate an enormous amount of tax income for our state. This income could in turn be used to support improved education and social programs for our communities.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my opinion. Thank you also for your service in representing our great state!

Very Respectfully,
Your Name

Do you agree with her?

How would you craft your letter differently? Why?

What is responsible and fair when it comes to taxes and those with kids and those with no children (by choice or not)?

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