In celebration of Women’s History Month, throughout the month on Instagram I am posting highlights of women that build on the women in my book, A Special Sisterhood! Also watch for giveaway deals!

Upon its availability for stocking stuffer deals last holiday season, A Special Sisterhood ranked in the top 5 on Amazon Hot New Releases in its category for a month! Now the whole month of March is continuing to celebrate women from history who never had children.

Along with wanting to educate young people in an entertaining way that having no children is not a new phenomenon, I want A Special Sisterhood to be a way to build the larger community of women who have no children, no matter the reason.

One of the biggest things women who have no children no matter the reason are the pronatalistic ways society (ies) treat those who do not reproduce.

On a meta level, this book is a way to strenghten this larger collective is necessary to mobilize toward efforts to challenge pronatalism in social, cultural and policy realms of society.

Developing this inspiring book was a great experience, including collaborating with gifted illustrator, Nataliia Tonyeva. The most difficult part was deciding on just 100 – there are so many amazing women from history who never had children that this could be a whole series!

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