I am lucky- I love my work. In addition to writing nonfiction books, I help organizations and individuals achieve their professional communications goals. This takes the form of everything from editing eBooks, business plans, to writing and editing website content, e-articles, presentations, marketing materials, media materials, training and educational materials, and more.

I have just been on the road for several days on a project, and had two things happened that I also love…this is on a whole other level of communication.

During the time I was working with my client, I had the opportunity to meet his aunt. In talking with her we learned that she lived very near where I did about ten years ago, not once but twice. The second time we lived near each other we more than likely regularly crossed paths in nearby stores, parks and restaurants in the neighborhood. As you might guess we instantly made a great connection, and I felt like I had made a new friend!

Another incidence happened as part of the project, which involved interviewing my client’s employees. In interviewing one of them, I learned that he was from where many of my husband’s family are from, and a town where I have often gone over the years to visit his relatives and go to big family reunions. In addition to comfort and rapport being established in a matter of moments once we found this out about each other, I am certain that extensions of my husband’s family know his family, and can’t wait to find out who and how.

Not only do coincidences like these enhance client relations from the get go, they bring to mind that even though the world is a big place, there are many times when we are reminded that when it comes to coincidental connections, the world can feel like a smaller place!

These kinds of connections enrich the work and future client relations.  It also reminds me that while ” 7 degrees of separation” is talked about, often there sure are fewer degrees than that!

What kinds of coincidental connections have you experienced in your work or personal life?


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