I came across an interesting utube video by “ochinaocatosunflower”  on the childfree movement. She wanted to do her utube video because while she see news stories on childfree, but not on youtube.  She describes some myths with the childfree.  One is: “You are incomplete as a woman if  you don’t have kids.”  She says their is a religious component to this, namely, the idea that “you have a god given right to have children.”  For her she has no god given right, as she is an atheist.

That got me thinking–are childfree more likely to be atheist than those who have children?  Past research does indicate trends that the childfree are less religious, but I have not seen current research on this, and no research on childfree 20 somethings in this regard. In my interviews for Families of  Two, religious affiliation ran the gamut; some described themselves as religious, others less so, but I did not meet any that described them selves as atheists.

Ochinaocatosunflower also makes a great point about the myth of childfree being selfish. She says it is a selfish decision not to have children just like having children is a selfish decision–we do it for ourselves.  So true!  She is also right on when she says if you are not doing it for you and are doing it for someone else (e.g., your spouse, parents, etc.)–this is not a good decision.  She also mentions how having children has become a kind of status symbol, especially for young women I believe–that “babies are the new handbag.”  Do you agree?

Ochinaocatosunflower talks about her reasons why she does not want children, but does say she might be open to changing her mind when she is older, in her 40s or 50s, and even at that time she would only consider adoption.  Based on fertility stats, even if 20 somethings think they do not want children, they will change minds at some point as they get older.  But is this the case now with this generation of 20 somethings?

What do you see out there:

Are 20 somethings who don’t want kids more likely to be atheists?

Are they more  likely than generations past to stick to their decision not to have kids?

If they do change their mind, will they be less fixated on having their own biological children and adopt instead?

I am so curious about how the childfree movement is evolving in relation to younger adults…Please share your thoughts!

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