Penguin Atlas of Women in the World

Laura Carroll, LiveTrue Books

The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World is just that– an atlas. A visual delight, this book isn’t designed to be read from start to finish, but to at any section and starting learning from there. Its the 4th edition, the first of which came out 20 years ago.

Packed with global information on the status of women from every country and culture, author Joni Seager organizes the information in key issue areas, including discrimination, marriage and divorce, women’s birthrights, body politics, literacy, property, poverty, and women in power, to name just a few. Designed for breadth not depth, this book can serve as a provocateur; take it to a dinner party and throw out a statistic and watch where the conversation goes! It is for anyone interested in a visual treat while learning about women’s lives across the world, and gender issues through a global lens.

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