Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking

If you delve into personality theory, you inevitably run into psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of introverts and extroverts. One thing you won’t learn, however, is how our society has come to value the extroverts over the introverts.

In Quiet, author Susan Cain does this and so much more. She gives readers the full scope of what it means to be an introvert, an extrovert, and even an “ambivert” – yes, this is really a word.

She examines introversion from a number of different angles, and passionately backs it up with impressive research. The most effective leaders are extroverted and charismatic, right? Think again. We’ve also been taught that the power of group think in the workplace is the best route to innovation and creativity–Cain shows us why we need to rethink this. She turns other things on their head, like why the “brainstorming” may not be as effective as we have been led to believe (Who do you think invented it? Not an introvert!)

In Quiet you’ll learn not just about this aspect of personality temperament, but about the biological origins of this temperament–in other words, whether we are hard wired to be introverts or extroverts. You’ll read about some amazing research that attempts to dissect the question, “to what degree is temperament destiny”?

Cain expands Jung and other personality theorists’ thinking when it comes to explaining how each “type” think and process information differently, and how temperaments show up cross culturally. You’ll get inside the inner, introverted workings of some of the world’s most successful introverts, now and in history. You’ll leave with solid tips on how introverts and extroverts can communicate better with each other. And parents: Do you think your child is an introvert? Cain not only gives tips on identifying your child as an introvert, but how to cultivate this way of being.

“At least one-third of the world of people we know are introverts.” In Quiet, Cain helps us see why it’s time to equally value introverts and extroverts. And to introverts specifically, from Cain herself, “If there is only one insight you take away from this book…I hope it is a newfound sense of entitlement to be yourself.”

In other words, introverts: Live True. And to extroverts who know and love them, embrace, value and support them in doing just that.

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